Australian Consulate-General

Lost and Stolen Passports

Lost and Stolen Passports

In the event that your passport is lost or stolen, you should:

• Report the loss of your passport immediately to the Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou or Shanghai or the Embassy in Beijing.
• Obtain an official Lost Passport reports from the local police station and the Public Security Bureau (PSB).
• Complete and submit an Australian Passport Application PC8 form.
NOTE: In order to be re-issued with a full Australian passport you will need to meet all the requirements of a PC8 Passport Application.

If you are unable to satisfy these requirements, the Australian Embassy may be able to issue a limited validity Emergency Passport.

• Obtain two standard Australian passport photos.
• Attend an interview.
• Pay the current application fee. Local currency RMB cash payment and UnionPay cards accepted only.
• Lost/stolen fees will be removed. Instead frequent losers of passports will have their passport validity reduced.

*Once you are issued with a new passport you will need to apply for a new Chinese visa.

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